I want to hear your story!

Audrey Gerber

Working in marketing and marcom is great. It’s inspiring, dynamic, challenging and stretches your creative limits. No matter where you work. But working in marketing and marcom in Israel is so much more than that!

It’s a whirlwind of crazy, funny and wacky, rolled up with an emotional dose of frustration, irritation, culture shock and confusion. I know. I’ve been at it since 1993 and loved (almost) every second.

Working in marketing and marketing communications in Israel is nothing if not a great story.

It’s the story of what happens when bright, sharp, ambitious expat women with manners meet brash engineers and inventors who engineered Israel’s modern-day economic miracle. It’s the story of what happens when expat women clash cultures while learning how to live alongside Israeli chutzpah and build new lives for themselves and their families.

And think about this for a second.

Where else in the world will you find a marketing communications industry made up almost exclusively of immigrant women from English-speaking countries? Or that was created in a vacuum, where no such industry existed before? Where else will you find a group that is, at the same time, so incredibly homogenous and so incredibly diverse? Yet another refreshing Israeli anomaly. And yes, there are some men — whose stories of working with all these women are no less entertaining. And the native Israelis who work with us, suffer our heavy accents, really bad Hebrew and tolerate our strange ways.

One thing is certain: the start-up nation could never have started up without us.

The Book

With the help of colleagues and friends, I am weaving together these stories in a book (tentatively) entitled “The Anglofiles: the Untold Stories of the Expat Women who Market the Startup Nation.”  This will be a collection of the hysterical, emotional and wild stories that will educate, entertain and inspire anyone who has an interest in the story of Israel’s fascinating economic and startup evolution.

Tell Your Story

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you have a story to tell. So let’s do it. Your place or mine. Aroma, Coffix or a gas station off the highway. Be a part of “The Anglofiles,”  and be sure to follow progress on Facebook for “sneak previews” of what’s to come.

Call, PM or comment on Facebook, e-mail, whatsapp, SMS. You choose. But please be in touch. I really want to hear your story.