Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Throughout my professional life I have had meetings in luxurious conference rooms. In shabby “holes in the wall.” And in an endless number of gas station coffee shops. But this one topped them all when I met up with Pamela Azaria to hear her story for the Anglofiles at the Yarkon Park baseball diamond. While her charming son practiced with his team. we enjoyed the cool afternoon breeze on a blanket on the grass. I even got to toss a few balls that rolled our way. Thanks Pamela for sharing your stories as a marketing communications manager and Anglo event planner. Sorry no pics. There is no graceful way to capture the image of me on (or getting up from) the ground. Great afternoon. Great gal. Great stories.

A Brief Message

What were Maya Sagi Grossman’s first two Action Items (in What-I’ve Learned from-My First Month at a Startup) after joining Colu as Director Marketing and doing her homework?

  • Wrote a new communication brief (about us, mission, vision, messaging).
  • Used this copy to update our website, the app and marketing materials.

Yes! I love those kind of Marketing Directors!

How many Marketing Directors out there know (or knew) that this kind of exercise was the call of the hour, but were told it was a “waste of time,” or “our technology is so great it explains itself”… or worse. Did you do it anyway? Some of us did. Some of us couldn’t. But we got the job done, trying to eke out a unified message any way we could. Stay tuned for all the ways we did (with all the juicy details).


When a large and influential energy company asked for a quote to do “light editing” of a brochure we were cautious. It was 1994. There were only a handful of English copywriters working in Israel. My boss, and mentor, knew all too well that “light editing” was secret code for “total rewrite.” Keep on reading