About Me



I am a veteran freelance copywriter helping Israeli technology companies market their wares all over the world since 1993. My career as an independent marketing writer is the muse for this entertaining anthology about my colleagues and friends, the immigrant women who market the startup nation.

Alongside a satisfying and luckily successful career, I have led an enormously interesting life (so far) and never get tired of trying to make it even more interesting. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and from as long as I can remember, have sought out intellectual and social challenges that never ceased to shock my parents, but always made them proud. From competitive tennis, (re)discovering religious observance at 14, rushing through high school to get a head start on the next stage, I spent a year in Israel during my university studies that changed the course of my life forever. I am married to a social worker and university lecturer and immigrated to Israel in 1985 with one son. We had another three sons along the way and are grandparents to a growing tribe. Through it all, I have survived my genes (so far) to become an active volunteer mentor for breast cancer survivors and advocate, and fancy myself a constant work in progress – like this book.